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Home This page lists links to a number of coin websites. This site has no connection to these sites but believes they may be of interests to numismatists. Please inform me if any of these links fail, inform me by e-mailing via this link.
Coin Information PERSONAL SITES This site contains information on the various British coin denominations since the Norman Conquest. It also includes values based on the Coin Yearbook from Token Publishing. This is an excellent, no frills site. This is Tony Clayton's associated site which details all the metals and alloys used in coins. This is a recent [2007] site that covers English and British coins. It is a good looking site, easy to use and a welcome addition to the coverage of British coins. This is the first and most comprehensive site on Irish coins. A guide to Scottish coins with many illustrations. This covers the coins of Guernsey This comprehensive site covers everything you would want to know about the coins of Jersey.

The coins and tokens of Wales do not have a specific site, but there is some information on

Links OFFICIAL SITES The British Numismatic Society site. The Royal Numismatic Society site. The British Association of Numismatic Societies' site. The American Numismatic Association site.

Contact Webmaster COMMERCIAL SITES

Please note, I do not recommend any commercial organisation. I judge the sites below to have useful information about coins and coin collecting. The "Coin Dealers' Directory" listing most UK based coin dealers. "Coin Link", a USA based current awareness site with strength in coin collecting. "Coin Today", a USA based current awareness site. The Royal Mint, my old employer

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