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Welcome to my site. I am Robert Matthews C.Chem., MRSC, a former Queen's Assay Master at the Royal Mint. I have over thirty years experience of examining coins and acting as an expert witness on counterfeit coins. My recent publications include papers on the manufacture of the proof sovereign, and a number on counterfeiting.
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The aim of this website is to assist in the battle against the counterfeiting of coins. To achieve this aim the site provides information on genuine British milled coins, on the science of examining coins and on counterfeit coins of all types. On the site is my blog covering counterfeit coins, coins in general and coin books. The blog can be found at: blog. Every calendar month the blogs are archived. The archived blogs can be found on the Coin Information page, whose link is on the left. Access to the other information on the site is also via the Coin Information page. Any information on counterfeit coins and corrections to any errors on the site are welcome.


Robert Matthews at the stereomicroscope I also offer a coin authentication service for British milled coins. To undertake this I have the modern equipment required for coin examination. This includes an analytical balance with a density kit, a stereomicroscope, a Sigmatest conductivity meter, digital callipers, digital photographic equipment, modern IT equipment and crucially a well-stocked library of suitable reference material. I can easily access outside resources such as x-ray surface analysis, electron microscopy and spectroscopy and suitable literature and reference materials.

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Contact me by e-mail to obtain estimated prices and details on how to submit coins for examination. The site contains examples of scientific reports I have produced.











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