A type XXI counterfeit


The faces of
 the P9 counterfeit one-pound coin

A black and white photograph of the two faces of the P9 counterfeit one-pound coin.

This coin has been categorised as a type XXI coin. It appeared well made with an unconvincing darkish yellow colour. The author has not been able to match the edge lettering to any of D.J.Cane's categories.

The main characteristic of this counterfeit was the presence of four vertical marks on the coin edge. These were set at ninety degrees from each other.

This example was identified in Birmingham in 1999. It had a 1990 obverse and the Northern Ireland symbol of the flax plant on the reverse. It was a mule, the correct reverse to match a 1990 obverse is the Welsh leek. The alignment of the sides was correct.


Obverse Reverse Edge Weight Diameter Edge Thickness Alignment
1990 Flax plant DECUS ET TUTAMEN + 9.382g N/S 22.54mm
E/W 22.55mm
3.07-3.11mm 12.0 o'clock

Edge Lettering distances

Identity A B C D E F G H I
Genuine 1992 1 coin 7.9mm 8.2mm 14.6mm 6.6mm 4.6mm 5.9mm 18.6mm 6.6mm 7.3mm
Coin P15 7.8mm 8mm 14.6mm 6.4mm 4.3mm 5.9mm 18.3mm 6.8mm 7.4mm


As mentioned above this counterfeit had four vertical raised marks on the edge. All were at ninety degrees to each other. The author's theory is that this coin was produced using a four part collar. This would have allowed the milling and edge lettering to be formed during the strikng operation. Use of such a collar would be time consuming and require significant skill from the counterfeiter. Another feature of the edge lettering was the lack of millings inside the loops of the letters. This can be seen in the D, C and A in the images below.

Coin P9, photograph of the counterfeit edge showing DEC

The DECU of DECUS of the counterfeit's edge lettering.

Coin P9, showing ET in the edge lettering

The ET in the edge lettering.

Coin P9, SHOWING TAMEN of TUTAMEN in the edge lettering

The TAMEN of TUTAMEN in the counterfeit's edge lettering.

Coin P9, showing the cross of the edge lettering

The cross of the edge lettering.

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