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Proof & pattern gold

In his pioneering work, Hawkins listed the English milled gold coins produced until 1849. This includes information on circulation, pattern and proof coins. He quotes information from the Royal Mint on the subscribers to the 1820 pattern 5 coins.

Crowther attempted to give a price guide for English pattern coins up to 1886. He quotes sales information that is a useful guide for the first three quarters of the nineteenth century.


Kenyon covers a large period of time from the thirteenth century but his section on George III contains very little detail.

Linecar is a book based on considerable research and is an example to all numismatists. It does not attempt to cover most gold coins but where it does cover gold coins, it is excellent.


Craig is a very comprehensive account of the Royal Mint's history including engravers and production techniques.

Marsh 1 and 2 are the standard reference books on circulation sovereigns and half- sovereigns. They do not mention proof and pattern coins but describes all other varieties known at the time of publishing. Not all the varieties described are illustrated.


Finally Wilson and Rasmussen have listed all known gold pattern and proof coins between 1547 and 1968. This is very comprehensive but left me wanting to know more detail.

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